Working with an injured sportsperson is not easy. The work load is enormous in order to get rid of the pain. In sports people can experience muscle tears, tears of tendons, tendonitis or muscle strains. Abnormal Areas of Tests will be identified, nos cause or effect relationship and will be treated by a specialist or a board and session. The aim is to return your sportsperson back to full strength. Addressing a single injury is not enough. Every time you are ready for training you will have to deal with additional injuries.

Adjustments have to be made in the diet in order to recommence training during the off-season. The measures for the participants who did not have a specific injury are similar to those for injured sportspersons. In order to adapt to the absence of filling a particular role the sportsperson has to restrict the amount of training to three times a week, with adequate recovery time for the athlete. During these sessions three hours maximum are devoted to physical work or no supervision with another person not involved in the sports activities. For athletes with injuries this will have to be increased. The training session will be based on the athlete's own symptoms and conditions. Interventional treatment options will be considered and all measures will be taken to improve the condition. These will be with help of a specialist in the field. Another factor which will have to be considered is the profile of the athletes. The athletes involved in sports with injuries are often the ones with a low perceived effort (LE) and high level of skills (TE). It is regarding this strain during training an appropriate training program will be made. Find a program that is well founded, specialized and guaranteed. If you believe you are in a catch-22 situation you are right, in that case an athlete who has such injuries will only receive care in special hospitals or physicians who are treated for the patients' injuries.

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